The Zia ferrarese Salami

The origins of the "Zia Ferrarese" go back a very long way and can be traced mostly to the late Renaissance period.

They were first mentioned in the recipe book belonging to Cristoforo da Messisbugo, master chef to the Este court. 
These salami are traditional and very typical rural Ferrarese dishes. The “Zia” salami is based completely on pork and then flavoured with salt, pepper and fresh garlic that has been marinated in white wine. It is precisely this last ingredient (that has always been grown with great success in the Ferrarese countryside) that unmistakeably ties the “Zia” to the Este city and sets it apart from other products in the same category.
The salami is preserved inside a roundish, medium-thin sausage skin known as a “Zia”. Once the salami has been “skinned”, it is tied with a thin cord and left to mature in a cool damp cellar for 5-6 months.
The perfect opportunity to sample a Zia Ferrarese and other delicious salamis is at the Sagra della Salama da tai that is held every June at Guarda Ferrarese.
IGP certification (Identificazione Geografica Protetta) is currently awaiting approval.

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