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Sliding into happiness, plunging into emotions.

Slide into happiness and plunge into emotions at Cesenatico’s water park Atlantica, one of the most popular of the Romagna coast, attracting visitors from all over Europe.

Established in 1988, Atlantica is a generator of collective adrenaline, a creative workshop of fun that never stops innovating.

With a total area exceeding 100,000 sqm, the park boasts a 42,000 sqm green area e 5,700 sqm pools that are kept at an even and steady 28°C temperature and filtered using state-of-the-art, waste-proof technologies.

Here at Atlantica you will find slides totalling 1,000 metres specially designed for your fun and bliss, regardless of age. Swim and play in the large circular pool with three different kinds of waves and reach the atoll in its middle for a tropical ocean experience. Or if you fancy more adrenalin, try the endless slides that come down from 15 metre tall towers at a 70% incline followed by a near-horizontal coda – it will feel like plummeting down from the air and then being thrown on the water’s surface like a flat stone.

Children, too, will find dedicated attractions, such as the ride on coloured dinghies along a kilometre-long river that flows across a fantastic landscape. Here is the place to be happy – parties, shows, group dances and performances will all contribute to the task!

Stemming from an innovative vision, Adriatica has never lost the taste for creativity. Here everyone can find their very own emotion.

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